Peakhillfm 89:5 MHz
               Peak Hill NSW 2869
From the TRADITIONAL Lands of the
WIRADJURI People........................
Comes Peakhillfm 89.5
Your Voice in the Central West

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The Peakhillfm89.5 studio have been donated to us compliments of Alkane Recources,  Thanks heaps to Michael,Glenn and Ian who made make
this possible.
Our entrance mat,which has a picture in the studio pics etc,was kindly donated
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We also have to thank Ian Munroe from WESTERN RADIO in Dubbo,because
without his help and assistance we wouldnt have the license.One can contact Ian
To see pics of the studio that we are now located in,there are heaps of them
at the 'new studio set up'we have updated and there will be new ones coming
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We are also associated with an organization called Campertrailers
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More supporters and sponsors will be put on the site as they come to hand,
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        Peak Hill Roosters Rugby League Club


Check the site for news and updates



In PEAK HILL we have all the Emergency service such as the SES (State Emergency Service),
NSW RFS (Rural Fire Service) the NSW Ambulance  the NSW Police Department the NSW Fire & Rescue.
They are ALL active and can be contacted thru 000 and NOT 911 (USA emergency number)


We start with the NSW Fire & Rescue,where you can access this site and also get valuable information that may one day save your life

This site has many good ideas for you and they will all look after you no matter what

Above us is the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and also the NSW Fire and             The gent at the desk withing Peakhillfm was our local Firey.
Rescue.We also have the NSW Ambulance andf also NSW Police                  Very smart lad and well and truly up to date with 'HAM'
in our town                                                                                                 and also communications.His name is Scott Habgood
Enclosed are the sites for your perusal:                    It was his brother Lachlan who assisted us with our TCBL
                                                         ( now called fire and rescue)
       Our emgency number is 000 and NOT 911 (watching to many  US movies)



Peak Hill is now the proud owner af a new Peak Hill MPS (Multi Purpose Centre).It was built on the site behind our

hospital and caters for averything.There is also a dental climic as well,so if there is any emergency that occurs

the nurses and staff will be able to look after you without any problems.The Ambulance station is also situated

at the MPS. . Picture of the ambulance to

We will endeavour to get our Ambos & Police station and car on pics as well


This is our local Police station along with the courthouse

to the right side of it The Courthouse also caters for ALL

Government Departments and is open Wednesday & Friday.

In Peak Hill we also have the Rural Fire Service which is very strong and also the

SES (State Emergency Service) which is lead by Glen Morgan.

Dont forget to ring the SES on 132500 or 000 as both of these numbers will serve you well.

The RFS (Rural Fire Service)is ably controlled/captained  by Jim Patterson who is a local

BUT one can also dial 000 for service.The web site for the RFS is

The site for the State Emergency Service is so check them out

when you get a chance and see what happens with our Emergency Services