Peakhillfm 89:5 MHz
               Peak Hill NSW 2869
From the TRADITIONAL Lands of the
WIRADJURI People........................
Comes Peakhillfm 89.5
Your Voice in the Central West

Peakhillfm 89:5 is now proudly hosted by   quality

AUSTRALIAN hosting.For more information contact
Our streaming is now supplied and supported by We
thank Gavin  and his gang for all the support.
The Peakhillfm89.5 studio have been donated to us compliments of Alkane Recources,  Thanks heaps to Michael,Glenn and Ian who made make
this possible.
Our entrance mat,which has a picture in the studio pics etc,was kindly donated
to us by a Sth company named Image Mats Thanks to Mandy,Steph,Rob & Steve
for their fantastic front door mat.You can find them at
Thanks to Warwick owner of Fordray Electronics for our


We also have to thank Ian Munroe from WESTERN RADIO in Dubbo,because
without his help and assistance we wouldnt have the license.One can contact Ian
To see pics of the studio that we are now located in,there are heaps of them
at the 'new studio set up'we have updated and there will be new ones coming
The major sponsors/supporters  to Peakhillfm 89:5 are as follows:
as per the front page

.Other cabling was supplied by  out of Canberra.
All of our studio promos were done for us by Enda Caldwell and you
can catch him at Caldwell 

To organize for your next pet contact and Andrea
We are also associated with an organization called Campertrailers
and you can see some of their antics at
 and check out their founders web site at    Rob & Carol will be only to glad to
assist you with all you want to know about campertrailers.



More supporters and sponsors will be put on the site as they come to hand,
so if you want to be part of our success then come on board.


        Peak Hill Roosters Rugby League Club


Check the site for news and updates




                  This page is now also sponsored by Currajong Cabin Park  


      Carol & Dave Douglas are the managers and they can be contacted on

                            0268623400 and also 0448 013 992 0448 013 992.

      The cabin park is also  'Pet Friendly' so please take along your pet and you will be

                                  most welcome at this park........                                                                           



           Also looking after this page is a small enthusiastic company in Parkes,Central West NSW  named .....                                                 

                   Amanda Corcoran on 0427 335 939 and see what she can do for you.She is also part

                                         of the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre.....welcome to Amanda...


    The Peak Hill Butchery owned and run by local man Dave Sharkey at the phone number 0268691425.He is

        open 5 1/2 days a week.You want great meat and FRESH meat then go and see Dave Sharkey







Col McIntyre Motors is our local lawn mover

specialist and he is open 7 days a week.

He can be contacted at 0268691003 7 days a week


This is our local CRT (Country Rural Trade) of which there are   You can drop in to the Shell site,which is one of two outlets for fuel
about 320 stores Australia wide.The guys and gals here will        here in Peak Hill.This site is open  7 days of the week
help you out with all to do with the land.They are dealers for      and the family can assist you with everything from oils,fuel,ice
the Western Credit Union.                                                              and cigs also accessories.Many Peak Hillians support this site.
The Peak Hill Pharmacy which is open 4 days a week              Abdul,Rita and the family look after the Family Grocer store in town
will  and Greta and Marie will look after all you medical           which is open 7 days of the weeks from 8:00am til 7:00pm Monday
needs first aid needs as well as health & beauty needs                 to Friday,8:00am til 5:00pm on Saturday,and from 8:00am til 4:00pm
                                                                                                       on Sundays.They will look after all YOUR grocery needs                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Tonya is our local Council all round worker,
things that happen in and around Peak Hill and she            Peak Hill to look after the TAKE AWAY
locate it as well                                                                         will reopen in about 1 month                                                                                              
    TONIA HAS NOW RETIRED                                        
  John is our local newsagent and he is open 7 days a week         The Carrington Hotel in town.Its now under renovation and will soon
  from 8:30am til 5 to service ALL your news,lotto,lottery           be open to the public.Watch this space
and everything else to do with news                                                                                             
 Finlay Bell owns  the Clubhouse hotel.This pub is very             Pat can be contacted on 0429 000 050 if you need and goodies
friendly and will make sure that you are entertained                     The shop is unmaned,BUT available if you need something
 and well watered  and fed.Drop in for a drink.This place is                                                     
   also on the market 'FOR SALE'                                                                                                        
This is the front section of Red Spot,which is run and operated  by Ces & Linda.The shop is well kept and Ces will look after your motor vehicle.
 Below is the yard for the same location  Ces,Linda &  are your mechanics and they will look after your vehicle
                  They are now selling fuel...Unleaded,98% & 91% and Diesel. Totally competitive
Linda & Ces's workshop...... NOW SELLING FUEL ...........      No town is complete without a Vinnies,open two days a week

Not a town without a barber.This is Ces  at 93 years young he is the best in the business.$7:00 is even the cheapest in
the business .He is now cut back on his business.
The BIG Arts  & Crafts centre ,manned by volunteers 7                Here is our  hair stylist open Tues,Wed & Friday.
days  a week  They are now on the internet and you can           This is now called  Standout Hair design and you can contact
  contact them on 026869 1981 or on their email of                   Narelle on 02 68691469....

No town would be complete without a post office and next        On the southern side of town and first cab off the rank is the great
door is the 1000 line telephone exchange,providing telephone    motel called the Oasis Motel.There is heaps of room there and
and ADSL+2 broadband lines                                                      the rates are extremely competitive. Judy & Paul are hosts
One of our schools here in Peak Hill is St.Joeys Catholic     When one comes into town and you wish to go to the 'QUIET ONE'
School where there are about 25 odd students                          turn left at the Leisure centre (white building) go down about a  
                                                                                                    kilometers and  Double D caravan park is on the RHS, 
The home of the Peak Hill Roosters Rugby League football Club All our home games are played here Just to the LHS of the
canteen is where we locate the mobile caravan.
Country Roads Motor Inn.Well looked after by Dianne &         Peak Hill Caravan Park popular and will accept 'Pets on leads/
David .This is a great little homely motel                                  controlled.There are also cabins available and also a small shop                                                                                                                       Now owned by Leighton & Pauline Davies.
Golden Peak/Budget Motel great rooms and also when you      
book in enquire whether you qualify for the 10c a litre fuel     
Peak Hill Ex Services & Citizens Club,open 7 days a week         Peak Hill Bowling Club You want friendly bowling 
from 11:00am til 11:00pm and they have a great Chinese            competition,this is the place to be at
restaurant open Tuesday til Sunday Lunch and dinner                                                             
 When you visit Peak Hill and discover that you have left your  One of the many volunteers at the Peak Hill Visitor Information
laptop with flat battery or you want to check your emails,then    centre,open 7 days a week for your convenience.They now have
nosey on down to the CTC and get Ian to assist out your emails  EFTPOS  and also internet and fax available
This is Peak Hill CTC and is open at times displayed on the       Peak Hill Deli door to Cino's.Fresh coffee,sandwiches
window                                                                                          bread rolls,pies,sausage rolls and fresh fruit salad.Small amount  of
                                                                                                       green groceries as well.Open Mon-Frid 7:00am -4:00pm and Saturday
                                                                                                        TBA .....drop in and say G'day to Mary and also her family

   Along with St.Joeys Catholic school there is the Peak Hill      
Central School The students are from kindy all the way to high  
Our Emergency services and also the old Council chambers,            This is the Peak Hill Police Station which is manned most
which is now where the women of Peak Hill  have  their arts and     of the time.Around the corner is the Court House and also
craft every week.                                                                                 the Government agencies outlet
The Peak Hill Mens Shed.There are about 18 members and   The Forestry Depot next door to the Peak Hill Mens Shed.We also
they do  heaps of good for the community                              have NPWLS and also Essential Energy
  There is a BIG car park and also room for caravans and                        The entrance to the open cut experience which
  motor homes .It is FREE to access                                                         is just passed the radio station building on the
                                                                                                                   same side of the road.
One of our BIG main Tourist attractions in Peak Hill is the           The entrance to Peakhillfm 89.5.If the gate is open
Open Cut Experience,which is now FREE to visit which is          you are MOST welcome to drop in and say G'day
Open from 8:00am til 4:00pm 7 days a week
Continuation of the entrance.                                                 Peak Hill Supermarket (Friendly Grocer) which is open
The entrance mat to Peakhillfm 89:5.We always make you  7 days a week.There is a picture on this page of the family
feel VERY welcome any time of the day                                  which runs it
Peter & Jenny our lovely couple that you can find at             John Roach and Roach & Matthews Real Estate.The
Temple Lions Antiques& Collectables.They are usually        Real Estate in now closed as John has retired. 
open 7 days a week.This place is a supporter of Peakhillfm    Paul Sanders Real Estate in open,with an agent,who
                                                                                                   is Betty Zdan  on 0407 072 8130407 072 813.
 The  entrance to Peakhillfm89.5. just down the road from    Dave Sharkey  at Peak Hill Butchery. Dave is open 5 1/2                                                      the Gold Mine                                                                         days a week and sells only FRESH meat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Cino 86  local coffee shop Open 5 1/2 days                      The Peak  Hill/Parkes Community  Hub.
                                                                                            Now open for your custom
The new Peak Hill Community Hub,part of Parkes &     Double D Caravan has new owners Kevin & Deband they
District. The great wall mural done for the                       are also members of Kui Parks at 
Community Hub by Scott(Sauce) Towney.The man is     check thwem out when next in town

Steve Cossor has all his diecast and collectable toys.Steve's prices are totally competitive.Check him out when

you come into town.He is now up for auction on April 2/2016.Property was sold at auction.
 Currajong Cabin Park who have joined us.
The park is Pet Friendly and is located on the right hand side coming from Peak Hill just opposite the Shell Servo.
It is on the left hand side heading north,just past the Henry Lawson centre.....Carol & Dave Douglas will look after
you and also dont forget your pets as they are allowed to stay as well.....
contact them on 02 6862 340002 6862 3400 or 0448 013 9920448 013 992
We now have an Art Gallery in Town.Open Thursday,Friday,   Kezzas arts & Craft is just up the road from the pub and
Saturday Dorothy will be only to happy to  you with art             is open four days of the week.They have many great
from the people in Peak Hill...drop in when you are in town.      arts and crafts for sale...the other alternative to the
Rod,Marie,Betty and Dorothy are there to help you out.......      Peak Hill Information Centre
Just part of the shop that is the alternative to  the Information
Centre...Check them out when in town.Right across the road
from The Commercial Gardens