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     The last picture of my wife before she passed away in December 2014....She will

     remain here in memory.........

    The stain on her RHS is the light on the camera and NOT on her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

           MEMORY TO SANDRA.
                                             Tara our Maremma and great watchdog.
                                             Unfortunately Tara passed away at 10:30pm
                                              on May 17/2014.
                                                                                                                Penny our new 3 year old Maremma
This is Ruff,the wife's  'lap dog'. He is still going strong
We now have some pics of our new 20' Creative Tanami Caravan which is great inside and has a queen size
bed which we purchased from Hervey Bay Caravan.It has a queen bed at one end,heaps of storage under
the bed and a big dinning and kitchen area,but THE GOOD PART of this van is that there is a shower/toilet
in it.The awning is a full size and has a annex to boot.The van wasn't cheap,BUT at least there is heaps of
room in it,so enjoy the pics..... 
We are currently in Bundaberg,where its been reasonable with the weather,BUT could be better.We are
currently staying at the Bundy Caravan Park,on the outskirts of the town,roughly 10 kilometers from
the PO and Vivien our host at the Bundy Caravan Park looked after us well.You can find out about the
park at This park is also' PET FRIENDLY'. On  Monday we head to Rocky
for a few days.............................
We arrived in Rockhampton yesterday,Monday and booked into the Parkhurst Motel & Caravan Park,
on the highway about 7-10  kilometers north of the CBD of Rockhampton.The park is excellent and its
big,and again this park is 'PET FRIENDLY'. Today Tuesday we built up on our food and drinks,BUT dont
try buying a fan as no-one has got one.We head of to Mackay on Friday morning...........
We have arrived in Mackay at the Big4 caravan park on the outskirts of the Town and I had to actually
back the 19' van into a spot as this is the way that they do things up here.There will be pics to show as
well.We will be here until Wednesday next week and then its off to Townsville...............................
We arrived at the Coral Coast Caravan Park on Ingham Road at Mount St.John yesterday April 24th
after a long and hard drive from Mackay.The roads are PATHETIC and the 'Truckies' impatient,BUT
we got here at 3:15pm......a long hard day on the road.
We are here until Tuesday next when its off to Cairns.Our hosts are Wendy and Dave and they are
top people and they look after you well.Nothing is to much for them and they will do everything to
help you out.Thanks heaps to them both.I actually
backed the van into our spot.without any dramas as all.

Here are some pics of Cooktown.We stayed at the Cooktown Orchid Travellers Caravan Park and Cathy & Barry
were great hosts.
When we arrived on Monday afternoon it was OK,BUT boy didnt that change.A gusty South Easter arrived,
blew over some awnings (not ours) and also caused abit of other damage.It rained as well and hadnt stopped
when we left today.
This evening we arrived at Atherton BIG4 caravan park and had a site all to ourselves.Tomorrow is shopping
day and also a few other things as well.We departed from Cooktown apparently taking the miserable weather
with us and went thru Mareeba and found ourselves at Atherton.Nice clean little town four caravan Parks
and Woolies and also Woolies fuel and diesel at $155.9 CPL.
We booked into the Woodlands Atherton BIG4 caravan Park,found our spot to park and it took me 4 shots
to drive thru due to the angle that we had to park,BUT we made it and for the 4 days it didnt stop raining
and also we had one 'WHINGER' about Ruff and two other 'whingers' about Tara.We were given 'doggie bags'
when we got there ($20 deposit) and well you all know the rest.
I actually told one fellow to 'stick it up his nose' for having the hide to complain about Ruffie barking.
The trouble with Woodlands BIG4 is that they charge you TOP dollar and spread all the vanners all over
the park instead of putting those with pets into special areas...etc.
Anyway I was glad to get out of there.We had the Prado serviced ($220 later) and gee what a difference it
made.Anyway we left there and headed to Georgetown,which is on the North Street  (Gulf Developmental Road )
(if you can call it that in some places)this road is like a goat track in some places,BUT once one goes thru
roydon it is heaps better and better.The caravan Park at Georgetown is under new Management and
Kevin & his Mrs are top hosts.There is a fuel stop as well as a cafe and take away.Its alittle gold mine there,
BUT well worth stopping.There are alot of works going on,BUT even though its a dust bowl still worth the
$22:00 per night for a powered site........
We are now in Normanton the entrance to the Gulf and we will be here til Monday.A small town BUT
suffering the results of drought....4 pubs two caravan parks,a police station,Telstra work shop and other
specialty shops.To do ones shopping and to fuel up one needs to go to the Normanton Trading post........
the best place to get your 'top up gear' from' We head to Cloncurry on Monday so watch this space.
When we left Cloncurry we headed to Mt.Isa and stayed at Sunset Top Tourist Park for a few days.We 
visited the Mt Isa Mines and also said G'day to the local member Bob Kater.We decided to get some KFC
whilst there and the food was TERRIBLE.We left there with a complaint about the shop and then headed to
Northern Territory.We stopped at Camoweel before getting into the Territory.Camoweel is a one horse
town with two caravan parks and the one that we stayed in was right behind the servo on the highway
and it was well looked after and 90% of the sites were grass.It was a great place to stay and we had a day to
recover before heading to N.T.
We left Camoweel and headed to Three Ways.On the way we stopped at Barkly Homestead for an overnight
stop and had a utility drive down the off side of us and open up the van.Got his rego plate,reported him to
the insurance company and it cost him heaps.Got the van fixed yup when I got home
Well folks we have well and truly got into Northern Territory.We visited Tennant Creek The heart of
Northern Territory.We stayed in Tennant Creek for a few days and even though it was a dust bowl it was
still a good place to rest up.We then went to Elliott which we prefer to forget as the police station as well
as many shops have closed and even one of the caravan parks was closed,BUT we went for broke and
traveled another 175 kilometers and went to Daly Waters Highway inn and stay there for the night.
That was on the night of NRL State of Origin 1,and as I was the only one with satellite TV well as you
would think,everyone hung around us until the game was over...I for one couldnt have cared less.......
We then went to Katherine for a few days and that town even though is full of lush green grass and it
was a weekend,well we had to wait til the Monday to take off,BUT we forgot about that and left on
Tuesday.We stayed at the BOAB caravan park very nice,very lush grounds,all concrete slabs for vans
and we enjoyed it from there.We then headed to Darwin,where we stated for an extra week due to the
fact that our HF tranciever hadnt arrived so we stayed there for an extra week.The Barrett 2020 has
been installed and works well,so we then headed back to Katherine and stayed at the Riverview Caravan
Park.Very nice park,BUT so many people were squeezed in beside each other.We stayed their until
Monday,then headed to Timber Creek and decided to stay there one night only as it was a two servo
two caravan park and a police station and nothing else.The price of Deisel is$2:05 a litre so I am glad
that we have gone from there.
We left there yesterday morning and came across the border to loose 1 1/2 hours went thru the border
to get rid of all our fruit and uncooked veggies and then onto Kunanurra.We arrived in Kununarra
yesterday afternoon and gee the sun set at 5:00pm instead of 6:00pm and it totally threw me out
the door.We are heading into Kunanurra for a trip around today and car is serviced
watch this space for more info.
We have long time left Kunanurra,and we have been to the following places, of which have all been
noted on Facebook.......If you don't have any dealings with Facebook I shall give you a rundown.
We left Kunanurra and headed to Hall Creek,which was a dust place BUT at least it was a caravan park
for the night.We then headed to Fitzroy Crossing an Oasis Caravan Park compared with a dive of a town.
1500 people and the caravan park you would swear was for a population of 15,000 and not 1500.
We stayed there for two nights and headed to Derby.This place has two caravan parks and the one that
we stayed in  had enough room for 15 vans,BUT some how fitted 25.The police closed down the town
on the Saturday night due to the Indigenous running amok and just about burning down the local pub,
BUT that was all in a nights work.
We left Derby and headed to Broome,and blimey what a place it animals in caravan parks
between June 30 and September 1 so the local PCYC opens up an overflow park for all the travellers
who have animals with them,and that included us.We went to visit Coles and it was located in
Chinatown.Anyway we went shopping there and left after 2 days.
We headed south towards Port Hedland which is two days away,so we stayed at the Sandfire Roadhouse.
There was a camel,a bull,geese,ducks and also lyrebirds and it was a very nice place BUT pity about
the RED dirt and dust.Any way for an overnight stay there was no complaints.
We ventured south towards Port Hedland only to find out that there was NO caravan parks available
due to the mines,so we contacted and stayed at the Port Hedland Golf Club,and for $25 overnight
and we supplied our own power and also our own water we headed off south.It was a pretty place
BUT dirty and dusty because of all the mines and the roadworks.....
We left Port Hedland and continued south along the coast of stop is Point Samson which is
10 kilometers from Wickham and about 40 kilometers from Karratha.The caravan park at Point Samson
is a luxury park and easy access in and out of The park is about 50 yards from the ocean and it was
great to see Tara putting her feet into sand and surf.......There was a couple of take away shops there,BUT
the Coles & servos were much to be desired,BUT we survived.
From there we departed and off to Onslow 81 kilometers off the main drag and again its a BIG mining town.
One servo in town two caravan parks and also one IGA thats currently located in the Council basketball
courts due to the fact that the old one was burnt to the ground and another one was being built again
by the Salt Miners.The servo ran out of fuel so we had to wait 24 hours for the servo to get a supply.
The three days we were there,two were great BUT the third night the temp plummeted from 26 to 18
and never got any better.....
Once we left Oslow it was onto Carnarvon We stayed in Carnarvon for a couple of days before heading
to Shark Bay/Denham.There are two servos and three supermarkets and 4 caravan parks.We stayed
at the SharkBay Caravan Park which was on the top of a hill and within walking distance of the town.
As we all know that this area is renown for the Monkey Mia dolphins....what a total ripoff and over rated
spot to visit.It cost one $12:00 to get in to the place and then after that it costs one dollars to buy
souverniers at the shop and that is all before one gets to the wharf to see the dolphins,AND what dolphins.
There are 20 or so that come onto the shore BUT there are only 5 that are
fed.All those pics that one sees of a pretty girl feeding the dolphins is just that a pretty girl feeding the
dolphin and it could have been taken anywhere and used for the promotion.....any way 25 kilometers
was a good drive and well worth a trip away from Denham.
We left Denham in wet miserable weather and headed to Geraldton.A big overated town with about
5 BIG caravan parks and a nice big shopping centre to go with it.We stayed there for a few days and
had to get the van fixed up and we got stuck when the BIG wet hit Perth and went up the coast.
We were accused of hurting our dog at the Geraldton caravan park,BUT it appears that this woman
does the same thing to all people who stay at the park whom she dosent like or appreciate the fact
that they have a good dog.It also appears that the woman and her hubby are semi permanent and
get moved around the park when they get full.Anyway we survived Geraldton and headed south to
Port Denison and then Jurien Bay.(I had to pick up an antenna at Port Denison) so we stayed at Jurien Bay.
The caravan park is right on the water and I will admit that Sandra & I were absolutely scared with
an 80 kilometer per hour wind howling the whole time we were there and it RAINED literally cats &
dogs' we were glad to get out of there and head to Perth...........
Next stop is Banksia Caravan Park in Perth........Well its a long time between drinks and since
Banksia Caravan Park in Perth,we departed for the Mandalay Caravan Park in Busselton and
you guessed it it rained all the time that we were there.Nice caravan park BUT damn wet at that time
of the year.We left Busselton and then proceeded to Manjimup a quaint little town between Busselton
and Albany (pronounced AL and not ALL) we stayed there for about 6 days days and had the Prado
serviced and also did the scenic drive of Albany.....departed Albany and went to Esperance.Top place
and even DRY.
I actually let my hair go and had a haircut (next one will be at home)I actually enjoyed Esperance
and Sandra and I saw alot of the town and really enjoyed running around.After leaving Esperence
we then headed north east to Norseman.It is about as big as Peak Hill,has one caravan park and also
a mine that is close to closing down.There were two BIG servos and a small shopping centre.Nice place
and a top caravan park.
We left there and went north and headed to Kalgoorlie.WHAT A BIG PLACE.There is a BIG pit which is
owned and operated by Aussies and
its 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer deep and all the gold that comes out of the
BIG PIT stays in Aussie.I went out and we brought me an expensive camera for our wedding anniversary
and I brought Sandra some clothes for herself.It was a real eyeopener to visit and stay in Kalgoorlie.
We left there after a week and headed back to Norseman for an overnight stay before heading to
South Aussie.After we left Norseman we then headed to Balledonia which is a typical roadhouse,out in
the middle of know where and the only thing there was power,and we had to supply our own water due
to the fact that they are in the middle of a drought and had NO water for drinking at all.99% of the parks
across the Nullabor are the same so make sure that your caravan is topped up with water.We stayed at
Balledonia for one night and then headed across the Nullabor.What an eye opener.The road is FANTASTIC
there are spots all the way along to stop and view the sites,there are roadhouses all the way across,BUT
we stopped at Ucla,which is on the South Australia/Western Australia border.Ucla has its own time zone
1 1/2 hours from Perth and 1 1/2 hour from Adelaide.Again no water,so you had to provide your own,
which we did.We stayed there overnight and then headed for Ceduna.........Next follow up will be
South Aussie.
We arrived in Ceduna to be met with the Fruit FLY inspection.The Government is very strict on fruit
coming from WA to SA and also NT & SA going to WA so make sure that you get rid of all fruit and
veggies before going in and out of these states.We arrived at Ceduna Big4 caravan park and spent 3 or
so days there and it was beautiful weather and NO wet stuff at all,and we went for a trip around
Ceduna and found it to be totally enjoyable.We left Ceduna and traveled down the coast road to Elliston
and spent a few days there as well.Little town with heaps of potential BUT not much there.I actually
managed to get hold of some FRESH cuttlefish for our birds when we get home.We left Elliston and
across country to Cowell and staying in the outskirts of town overlooking Cowell itself.After spending
a couple of days in Cowell and just relaxing as best we could we then headed off to Port Augusta and
to have a look at the place.Big own with very little in it.It cost me $300 for a new tyre after a bit of
metal was left laying around the Toyota dealership in Port Augusta and they wouldnt even accept
responsibility for the metal and also they didnt do anything BUT sell cars and service them....BIG deal
to Toyota Port Augusta.Anyway we got a tyre from Dunlop Tyres in Port Augusta,and they were totally professional.......
From Port Augusta we went backwards to Whyalla and stayed for a couple of days,BUT rebooked as
we stayed there when we returned from Port Lincoln We arrived in COLD Port Lincoln and we decided
to get a reversing camera from there,and it took 1-2 hours to install and didnt work at all.The staff at
Sparks & Spanners were totally professional they installed it and advised me that it MAY NOT work
properly,which I found they were correct and the mob that supplied it to them then actually told me
that the thing worked and that I didnt know what I was talking about....LOAD of CRAP on behalf of
the supplying company which I wont name.Anyway Safety Dave sold me a total package which I installed
the van side and Toyota at Victor Harbor installed the front part and all cameras work like a dream.
We left Port Lincoln after this fiasco and then went to Whyalla for a few days.BIG place and very little
to do in the place,BUT depends on what you were looking for.Once we left the caravan park in Whyalla
we headed north towards Alice Springs.We stayed in Coober Pedy for one day and I can assure you that
if you have either a motor home or caravan,MAKE sure that you have water stored due to the fact that
everywhere you travel in Coober Pedy one needs to PURCHASE your own water.They have I believe a
desallination plant and this needs to be paid for.That is what I was told so that is what I  need to believe.
It was a great place to stay and we enjoyed it.We also spent heaps of dollars on Opals and other bits
and pieces whilst there.
We left Coober Pedy and a CLEAR and hot day and progressed to Alice Springs.We stopped over night at
the Kulgera roadhouse and it was the only place that we struck that didnt have any telephone or internet
communications,and overnight it was TOTALLY peaceful.
Once we left the Kulgera Roadhouse we went forward to Alice Springs and spend a week there.Alice Springs
was HOT,dry and altogether a nice place.We have booked into the caravan park for December 2014 for a
week so that we are able to have a break.Alice Springs is a BIG wide and fantastic town BUT terribly
expensive and close knit.We didnt spend heaps BUT we enjoyed it whilst we were there. and we were
both sorry to see the end of the place.
Onwards we went and we went to Erldunda Roadhouse which is the main turn off from the Sturt Highway
to Eyres Rock,OR ULURU via the Lassetter Hwy.
We stayed at Earldunda overnight on our way to Ayres Rock (ULURU). We stated at the Lakes Resort Caravan
Park,and the only BIG thing that occurred was that the place was FULL of tourists and bus load after bus
load of school kids and everything else.The highlight of the stay was that one evening I went to the
ammenaties block and was followed in by a couple of kids who were there and of course they wanted to big
note themselves....anyway both of them were talking about how they were interested in the one girl that was
on their bus and they carried on,etc.Anyway one of the fellows in one of the cubicles yelled out and asked
them who was the stallion and who wasnt and who was using Mrs.Palmer and who wasnt...shut them both us.
Anyway we couldnt go and visit the Rock due to the dogs and the archaic laws that are in place for
National Parks,BUT I did get some pics on the rock and watched it change colors and also look bigger than
what it is.We left the caravan park after a week and lots of things and hot weather to boot.We also spent
alot of money at their souvenier shop.We left and headed back to Erldunda.By the way fuel at the Rock is
$2:27CPL,at Kings Canyon some 60kilometers down the road desiel is $2:35CPL  and back at Erldunda it
was back to $1:65CPL.We stayed in Earldunda for another night,then down to Coober Pedy for a night and
then to Woomera for a night.I took Sandra for a drive around Woomera whilst there and showed her the
museum and also all the ADF quarters,which are unused and wasted.We left Woomera and proceeded to
Port Pirie......more to come...................
Port Pirie,WOW what a place there was a Country show on over the weekend that we were there,BUT hey
we didnt hang around.We made some friends there and also purchased 4 CD's whilst there,so onto the next
stop was down the York Peninsular to Ardrossan,where it was cold and wet,BUT we survived all OK.Very
small park where everyone was just about on top of each other and there were heaps of permanents.There
are two parks in town and the one that were were at was probably the better one.Onto Adelaide where we
spent a week at the Bolivar Caravan Park on the Port Wakefield Road.Went for a drive to the GM plant,as
well as the local shopping centre which was 10 kilometers away.Also we went to the Parafield airport,The
Port Adelaide Footy Club,Glenelg and a few other places.It was basically 'FULL ON' all the time that we were
there.We actually found time to visit the local Doctor and get all our prescriptions all filled out and survive
from Adelaide.Thank god for the GPS.It blew up some time later.
We left Adelaide after a week and then headed to Victor Harbour...
Victor Harbour....COLD WET AND WINDY,thank god that we were facing north south and the awning was
facing east as we didnt get belted as much.The nights were cool but some days were great ind fine other
days were cold and bloody miserable.WE did the normal tourist drive around and saw some great places
and as you would have seen by the pics  from Facebook we enjoyed it.Off to Murray bridge where we stayed
at the Princes Hwy Caravan Park.Right on the top end of Murray Bridge,top little park and just far enough
out of town to be comfortable.We did the normal tripping around Murray Bridge,and the main reason to stay
there was that my late father was born there.Anyway were treated like royalty and enjoyed out time there.
Credit to Wayne & Kylie who were our hosts......
Off to Mount park on the edge of town,the BIG Blue lake which all the Mount Gambier water
came from it didnt get over 17 degrees C all the time that we were there.What a miserable place to stay in,
BUT the locals treated us like,well locals.We took some pics of the lakes in town,check out the locals as well
and stayed at the park.I wouldnt like to live there,BUT well what do we expect.....
We left Mount Gambier to warmer areas and headed to Bordertown.There was one caravan Park there and it
is Pet Friendly.We went and visited the local Community Radio Station and I can tell you,I dont know how
they keep their license,BUT they did  and I didnt like the lay out or the attitude,so I left there.Bob Hawke as
also born there and it was a nice little town.There are white kangaroos,the old police station is now the bakery
and the information centre,but other than the man made lake and the white Kangaroos there wasnt much more
there,OH and dont forget Robert Hawke was born there.....
We left Bordertown and headed to Renmark for a few days and stayed at the Riverbank Caravan Park...BIG
park right on the river and a nice place to stay,so we went for a drive around and really all we found was river
boats both on the water and for sale  and on the water I guess that there were millions of dollars sitting there.
Never even looked at it......We stayed there for a few days and then left SA and got on our bike to Victoria and
headed to Mildura.....right on the Murray River,....... We stayed at the Calder Tourist Park on the edge of Mildura.
Right on the main road,BUT it was very quiet and a pleasure to be there.There was a shopping
centre 100 meters away BUT one wouldnt know it.We stayed there for a few days before heading south to
the dustbowl and dry Ouyen.The caravan park,the only one in town was quaint and nice and we were out of
the road and had no complaints at all.Not much to see in Ouyen BUT we were glad to see the back of the
place...we headed North East to Swan Hill where we stayed at the Big 4 right on the river and about 100
meters from the Pioneer Village which was easier to see from outside than paying $25 to go inside.There
was also a paddle steamer up and down the river each day.This caravan park was situated right on the
NSW/Victoria border,and couldnt you tell the difference in the roads and also the surroundings.The caravan
park was excellent,the only problem being that the ammenaties were being done up to be ready this Easter,
otherwise it was a great park.We left Swan Hill and headed to the twin town of Echuca/Moama.
We stayed at the Riverlander caravan Park,which was about 8-10 kilometers out of town and mainly suited
to holiday makers.I think that the spot that we had was the only spot for overnighters,as 99% of the rest
were holiday makers.Echuca is both OLD & NEW and one could tell the old side compared to the new park.
Moama was just a new section of the old Echuca.To be honest I was glad to get out of the place.....OFF to
Bendigo we went and we had booked in at the Central City Caravan Park.Try parking a 20' caravan in to 
spot for a 16'...I did just that.Lots to see in Bendigo and we visited KLFM the local radio station and we were
made to feel right at home.We both really enjoyed visiting Bendigo.It rained there a few times,BUT otherwise
it was damn hot.We spent a few dollars there and throughly enjoyed ourselves.Thanks to all concerned.
We left Bendigo and headed west thru St.Arnauld and then to Horsham.We had booked into the  Wimmera
Lakers Caravan Resort and unless you knew where it was you had no hope.All the roadworks and also bridge
works going on,BUT we ended up getting there and all the sites were GIGANTIC.a top caravan park and all
the sites were double normal sites.It was very easy to park and there was no drama parking the car  either.
We spent a few days there before heading to Ballarat.
We got into the shady acres accommodation caravan park,where I nearly took out the water meter BUT took
out the Left hand side mudguard on the van.The owner was more worried about his water meter than my
caravan.I fixed it up and found that the spot where we had parked was just that a spot.we were there for
three day and that was long enough.Nice place BUT I wouldnt live there.There was a truck prang in Ararat
whilst we were there and also some big incident in Stawell BUT hey we missed it.......We left Ballarat and
headed to Melbourne.I was intending to go thru South Melbourne,BUT followed Tom Tom and went thru the
Burnley tunnel and all the motorways and eventually got to Discovery Park Carrum Downs,which was taken
over by another company a few days before we go there.This park had 15 spots for those who wanted to
spend a few nights there and it was also a spot for holiday makers.Overall we enjoyed being there seeing
my sister and also going for a drive to Rosebud and other points of interest.I took Sandra to where we lived
in East Preston and honestly I was glad to see the back end of the place....bloody hell it is built right on top
of each other and I am afraid that Preston & Heidelburg are building on top of each other.I was really and
truly glad to see the BACK end of East Preston.It is terrible.
Out of Melbourne,around the back way and off to Warragul where we stayed at the Warragul retirement and
caravan park.Top spot to stay and gee hasnt Warragul changed since I was there in the mid 1960's.3UL is
now a scout hall...3UL closed down and became 3TR in Sale.Many of the older radio announcers started in
3UL and went onto bigger and better things.Many BIG changes to Warragul and there werent many places
that I recognised.From Warragul we went to Traralgon and visited the old school and also the old address
as well as a few other places that I remembered BUT they had all gone.We stayed at the Park Lane Caravan
Park which is about 8 kilometers from town,BUT a top caravan park as well.I visited the old school in Gray
Street,saw the old shop that we used to frequent,took some pics of the school and brought the 150 year
anniversary book on the school.Traralgon has changed BUT hey its still well spread out.I do remember going
over the back fence of my old home and taking apples from the orchard,well guess what the old orchard is
now a new estate stretching for kilometers.......Traralgon is a tip little place and I wouldnt mind investing
in the town,BUT we have to look at our own town first.From Traralgon,thru Rosedale,Sale and then
Bairnsdale for  few days and bloody hell it was HOT and muggy.The caravan park at Bairnsdale was the
Mitchell Gardens Caravan Park and it was a top park right on the Mitchell River.Heaps of places to see and
visit and we did just that,Paynesville,Eagle Point and other places...lots of things to see whilst we were there.
From Bairnsdale we headed east to the little town of Cann River. What a top little place to set up for the
night.When we left Bairnsdale it was 25 degrees and when we arrived in Cann River it was 42 degrees.Top
little place right on the river,the park was owned by the Can River hotel,so when you had set up you walked
up to the pub and payed your $25:00 (YES you read correctly) $25:00 per night for power and water.Great
spot to stay and many things to see around the town.We left Cann River on the Monday morning and we
watched the temp fall from 42 degrees on the Friday when we arrived down to 22 degrees when we left the
place.We then headed to Eden for Christmas........that is next to come.After Christmas we headed to
Batemans Bay and stayed there for the New Year.The Caravan Park was a place called Shady Willows.
There were many permanents there and I think that there was enough room to put 8 overnight vans in.
Our van was put into a small space,BUT we enjoyed the time there.On leaving Batemans Bay,which is
mainly a beach side resort we headed over the Great Dividing Range and headed to Queanbeyan.
We arrived at the Queanbeyan Riverside Tourist Park,parked our van just near the amenaties block,
with the back towards the creek.Apparently it appears that many things have floated down there that
havent been wanted.I guess that its only animals and NOT humans.We visited Canberra,saw parliament
house,the War Memorial,Black Mountain observation centre and Yarralumla and other places associated
with Canberra.We left Canberra/Queanbeyan and headed to Camden,where we stayed at the Poplar Tourist
Park in Camden.Top little park and easy access and easy to park,we visited Bondi,Liverpool,Lurnea,
Hammondville,and a few other places to boot.We also visited Camden airport  and checked out Mobile One
BUT they were closed due to the Christmas Holidays.All in all we stayed in Sydney for about a week and
then headed for home,via Goulburn.We stayed at the Goulburn South Caravan Park and I shall never stay
there again.It was a dirty dusty place and there were more Koreans from the abbatoirs there than any one
else.Overall it was terrible and the few days we were there the temp was around 38-44 degrees C with
NO shade at all....never again.A grassy site and TV and power and water.The site was excellent ant there
were a few there whilst we stayed there.The last time we were in Forbes was about 2 years earlier.Off to
Lake Cargelligo from there and we stayed at the BIG and only park there and we had the pick of the park
to park ourselves which was great.The park filled up as it was the Australia Day weekend and many people
were there for the boats and also the water skiing.We enjoyed it in Lake Cargelligo and we have decided to
help the kids in town to get a School Community Radio Station up and running in 2015.We left  Lake Cargellico
on Monday and took off to West Wyalong where we stayed  fro  Australia Day til the following Wednesday.
The Caravan Park that we stayed in was right behind the DC3 and was called the Ace Caravan Park.We left
Ace Caravan Park after traveling to Temora Aircraft museum,only to find the place closed when we got there ,
BUT had a look around Temora whilst there and found nothing there at all.We actually left West Wyalong on
the AM of the Wednesday,and wed traveled thru Forbes,Parkes and arrived home in Peak Hill at about 2:15pm
that day.I shall leave this story on here for about another month,and if you have any questions just ask and
we shall see what we can do for you........................
                                                                                     Enjoy the read
Over the Queens Birthday long weekend we are heading to Cobar for the night and then to Broken Hill for the
weekend,then back to Cobar and back home on Tuesday...tune into Peakhillfm89.5 on Tuesday Morning as I
will be doing the Breaky program from the caravan............
Over the Peak Hill local winter 2015 we take off again.We leave on June 3 or thereabouts and head north,
stopping in Narrabri and then Goondoowindi and then onto the coast and then north to Cooktown.After a few
days in Cooktown he take off again heading towards Charters Towers,then across to Mt.Isa.We call and AFL
game at Mt.Isa and then work our way back down the centre of Qld,back thru Cunnamulla,then Bourke in NSW
and then home arriving about the end of August/mid September.
We shall keep you in the loop totally.
I have decided to spend Easter in Melbourne with my sister.I load the two pups into the car put the caravan
on the back and head down to Melbourne for a few days.I take of March 30/2015 and head to Narrandera,then
Seymour and then to Melbourne.I will stay in Melbourne for a few days and do some trips around and then
head back in April.Will keep you all up to date.............
After fighting the traffic and following the GPS thru Narrandera and Seymour we arrived at the Frankston Holiday Park.
Checked in and settled in the the afternoon.we were told that there was a change coming thru Melbourne.Blimey didnt
it come thru.2:30 in the morning,the winds came thru and it rained.Turned out that we had 12mm of rain (48 points)
and the wind was bitter.The concrete slab that I am on was also flooded.After cleaning it all up,having breaky and
cleaning down the van.
As it was my sister's birthday I decided to give her some soap and body wash and took her out to lunch.The local Club
has a Seniors meal and it costs $11:00 per head.Was worth every cent for lunch.Cheapest lunch I have been on.Came
back to the Caravan Park and as tomorrow is Good Friday,well it means a day in COLD Melbourne...Saturday is off to
spend some dollars on something that is needed for the caravan.More information to follow on this holiday.
We are out of here on Tuesday April 7 and head home......
After a week in Melbourne,when it was HOT one day and COLD the next we left the Frankston Holiday Park at 10:00am
and headed north.It was kinda fine when we left,BUT hell didnt the weather change.About 40
kilometers out of Melbourne the rain came down AND also the winf changed directions to swing from the South West,
BUT it still blew me north so I cant complain.I arrived with the two dogs in at Seymour at about 1:00pm and settled
down for the afternoon and relax before out tomorrow.Nothing changed from the park from the first time I was here.
Its currently about 14 degrees C outside BUT warm inside.More tomorrow when we head north to Narrandera and then
On June 3/2015 we are heading North for the COLD & WET Peak Hill winter so follow us for our holiday.
Here we are June 3/2015 and after leaving Peak Hill at 10:15am we have set off.Very uneventful until we
(the dogs and myself) got past Dubbo and there was road works, the the turn off to the Warrumbungles and it was
road works there for 5 mins,then  further up the road it was more road works.BUT we have made it and all is good.
Great caravan park here in Narrabri at the Narrabri Big Park Caravan Park.We have backed in again and its gonna be
fun getting out on Friday.But we are here.
Narrabri Caravan Park.
Today June 5 we left the Narrabri Caravan Park and headed north.Thru Moree and then up to Goodiwindi.Roadworks all the way
up here and in Moree one bypasses the town completely to get from one end to the other.Thank god for the GPS and also street
directories.Over the northern side of the McIntyre river and one is in Goodiwindi,and to get to the Top Tourist Caravan Park,its
around the town on a 'cooks country tour and at present its 4:30pm,its getting cool and the park is filling up very quickly',BUT
hey we got here without any problems.Its pet friendly and its a BIG park with about 81 sites and there are some with a slab and
many without a slab,BUT I guess that because I will be here for a few days I get a slab.I am here til Monday then off to St.George
and then all points north
This is the Caravan Park at Goondiwindi...very BIG and spacious .We have spent the last three nights here.I have seen the
Goondiwindi Grey,well the statue of it,as well as some Model T and also some MG's.The caravan park fills up every night at
about 2:00pm and by 9:30am the next morning its empty as there are many people who stay overnight before heading off
for their holiday or back home after their holiday.Went for a trip around Goondiwindi and got strange glances at the Prado
and discovered that people were looking at the BIG antenna on the front.I even got stopped by the unmarked local
constibulary and asked me what it was there for and asked me for a demo.The lady officer was very pleasant as well.All good.
I didnt even get a ticket as its illegal to have anything blocking your vision infront,especially in Queensland.They are nutorious
for that up here,BUT all good after a friendly chat and a demo,we were on our way.
We spend the day today (sunday) cleaning up in the caravan and starting to pull things down to get ready for the trip outa
here tomorrow.We will be on the road at about 9:45am heading to St.George, which is about 2 1/2 hours north of Goondiwindi.
I must say that the township itself is rather big and the whole town would take up about 4 BIG blocks.It would be about the
same size as Parkes in NSW if Parkes was squashed into 4 blocks.The 2006 sensus tells me that there is about 5 1/2 thousand
in the metropolis,but hey that can be wrong to..Currently its 7:30pm and its a pleasant 18 degrees outside.
See you all tomorrow at the Pelican Rest Caravan Park in St,George...............................
I arrived in Pelican Rest Caravan Park in St.George yesterday at about 12:30pm.The park is on the outskirts of St.George .
Very nice park and its all grassed.We had some galah complain about the dogs barking.I dont know why he picked on us
as there were dogs galore in the park and I was the one picked on.The smoke blowing galah,was renting one of the cabins in
the park and just whinged about the noise,and he had no right to complain.Oh well who cares,he aint paying my bills.Any way
I went for a drive around the town today and the only thing that I found of interest was the weir which releases water down
the river.The Balonne (pronounced Balone (e is silent) I have taken some pics and will try and put them on here.Tomorrow
I will be doing a show from under the awning at the caravan Park,so tune into Peakhillfm89.5.
Its been a cloudy day BUT it has been about 25 degrees C for most of the day..

Left St.George this morning and traveled 2 1/2 hours to Roma.Got lost on the way into this place,and ended up at the Big Rig Caravan Park.Dont
ask me how I got there but I did.I nearly swipped a 'road train' and also nearly had an altercation with a BIG red Wallaby.Missed them both,BUT
hell lots of road kill on the way here. Tomorrow I am taking the dogs for a drive around town.I will visit the Woolies in town and also find a
caravan place to get some accessories that I need for the dunny in the van...will give you more information tomorrow.....
Spent 5 nights at Roma Big Rig Caravan Park.Should have been 4 BUT some one stuffed up with the booking (not me).Sunday the town is DEAD
all the shops excepting for ALDI and also Repco and a couple of other small shops were open,not even Woolies was closed.
I was actually glad to get out of Roma as it rained last night and was very cloudy this morning,BUT its quite nice at this present time.Its actually
very clear BUT justy a bit windy.Tomorrow I am of to Clermont some 250 kilometers north of here Wouldnt stay at Big Rig park again,to
expensive for what it is.
Spent Monday night at Rolleston Caravan Park.A small town with a population of about 500 people.The caravan park was a top little park in the
middle of town and very cheap and quiet.For a small town I was very surprised.The young Manageress was excellent and looked after everyone.
booked us all in and the only thing that I wasnt to liking to was that the only TV we had was ABC & SBS,but hey who cares.
Next stop is Clermont....more tomorrow for you and some pics...... We got to Clermont and we stayed in a top spot at the back end of the park.
Back in spot and there was a concrete slab to boot.BUT there was nothing there to see or do so we spent the majority of the time in the park.It
was also State of Origin whilst we were there,,,,gee the silence was deafening after NSW beat Qld.The dogs enjoyed it and really felt at home.
We leave to head to Mackay.....
We have been to the BIG4 Mackay Marine Tourist Park.Sandra & I stayed there back 2 years ago.Nothing has changed.We were located about
4 spots from where we were last time.I joined the Magpies  Club whilst there.For $2:00 who wouldnt join the club.I was supposed to call the
local footy (Aussie Rules) but I was stopped after some person complained via 'Facebook' and I was stopped.Anyway we spent three nights in
Mackay and in actual fact I was glad to get out of there.It was very windy for the three nights and last night Sunday it rained and today its very
windy.I headed for Alva Beach and left Mackay at stop is Alva Beach Tourist Park..........
I arrived at Alva Beach Tourist Park,which is some 15 kilometers from Ayr.Very nice caravan park and right near
the beach.Plenty of fishing people there and plenty or seasoned fishermen.We stayed there for three nights.visited
the beach and also visited Sweetfm97.1 the local Community Radio station at Home Hill.Actually enjoyed the stay there
and wouldnt say no to another trip...very nice little town.We left Ayr/Alva Beach on Thursday and fought our way thru
the traffic all the way to Ingham.Bloody hell the traffic at Townsville is/was terrible with all the new overpasses,and bypasses
that are being built.At least Qld taxpayers are getting their moneys worth.
Next stop is Ingham.I will report when I have been this space...Got to the Palm Tree Caravan Park after a rain soaked drive thru
Tully & Innisfail.The Bruce Highway was OK,just the mad Queensland drivers up there.Anyway I arrived at the Palm Tree Caravan Park and what
a great park it is.Pay your dollars,take the road to the end of the park,trip around the back of all the parked vans and take your van up to the
slab.Many of the park had slabs,BUT those staying overnight,had the straight thru sites and no slabs.I was annoyed at one of the occupants
who whinged about the dogs and also basically told me to 'PISS OFF' and take your 'F' dogs with you.When I let Kate know about this incident,
the people had also done the same thing and moved to a different site.For the three nights that I was there they were in three different spots.
Anyway I also met the new owners of the park as well.Great little family taking over.Overall the trip to Ingham was great.Whilst in Ingham,go
and visit the TYTO swamplands.Really worth it........
Next stop Mossman........Got into Mossman,just past Port Douglas and set up in the Mossman River Caravan Park.As usual back into the
spot.Up hill as usual and a slab.At least the slab was even,pity about the spot.Beautiful temps thru the day and PEED down with rain at
night.The first night I was there was 20mmof rain and the second night 32mm and of course the third night....NOTHING.I was very
surprised at the shopping centre very small BUT very nice.Petrol prices $148.9cpl for deisel.Went for a drive around.checked out
Cooya beach and also Newell beach...totally flat and very nice.No crocs at all,BUT there have been some seen at high tide,I was there at
low tide....thank god.Went for a drive to Port Douglas..what a total waste of a good place.DINKS,SINKS,YUPPIES & PUPPIES at that place.
I drove in,found the lookout, went up to the look out checked out 4 mile beach and drove out.Geeze there were looks at the car with the
antennas and Collingwood across the windscreen.I was actually glad to get out of the place.Back to Mossman I went, with a trip to Cooktown
coming up on July 1......
Next stop is Cooktown ...will be there from July 1........Arrived in Cooktown and John & Mary made us very welcome.John took us to our spot
for the three nights and assisted in reversing into the spot.Very quiet and comfortable spot and there was no problems at all.There was no
slab,in fact there are no slabs at all and 99% of the sites are natural bushlands.I had no complaints at all for the park and enjoyed the three
day that I was there.There were alot of self campers there as well.Must have been alot of activities up the top end around Weipa as many of
the campers that came back looked as if they had gone thru mud,mud and more mud.
After three day I left Cooktown and headed to Mareeba.....
I arrived at Mareeba and stayed three nights at the Riverside Caravan Park.Sorry not my cup of tea.The park was 90% full or permanent
occupiers.The site that I had was totally uneven and dirty and even the dogs were totally upset about it.I wont be staying there again.It is
a place for 'deserates' and I aint that desperate.Penny my Maremma was upset for a couple of nights,so not again.I have enclosed a couple
of pics so its up to you.
Next stop is Cardwell.......Well what a bloody mistake it was booking into and staying at the Beachcomber motel & Caravan Park.
$37:00 per night to be squeezed in like sardines.I wasnt happy with the park and really I was glad to get out of there.I was moved
because I was 15' to high and 3' to far out from a side fence just so some one else could move into a spot,which turned out to be
vacant for the two nights and then some ARROGANT Vitorian told me to move my guy rope otherwise he would run over it.I want
very pleasant in return.I wasnt even game to leave the dogs by themselves due to the attitude of some of the park residents,and
I was so glad to see the ARSE end of Cardwell.Never again will I stay at that place.I advised the owner of my feelings and also
advised the reception of my thoughts as well.I hated the place.
Next town is Charters Towers........Got into Charters Towers on to discover that I had been double booked at the Top Tourist park,so I requested that the receptionist locate me a spot to stay.After 4 calls and asking the question,the receptionist found me the Burdekin Duck Roadhouse and caravan Park,so 20 kilometers on the Townsville side of Charters Towers so off I went back and found the place and hey what a surprise it was to be there.It cost me $15:00 per night for power and water.There was a great takeaway shop there as well as fuel and also a great place for a shower and freshen up.Overall I liked the place,and also went around and took some photos around Charters Towers and the caravan park.I wouldnt hesitate in going there again at a later date.
I have arrived in Hughenden....middle of a drought and dry as far as the eyes can see.I stayed at the Hughenden Allan Terry Caravan Park.Heaps of room there and we were all tail to tail.I was lucky as I just drove straight into my location for the two nights.drove around Hughenden  and took some pics of the place.I then went onto Julia Creek for a night and then onto Mt.Isa.There are heaps of mines in Julia Creek and lots of work going on there as well.I left Julia Creek after the nights relaxation and headed to Mt.Isa.........
We have arrived in Mt.Isa .......I have booked into the Sunset Tops Caravan Park the same caravan park that Sandra & I stayed in in 2013.I didnt need to be directed to the spot as I knew where to go and it was the same place as last time.I went for a drive around Mt.Isa whilst there and also joined the guys at the Footy on Saturday afternoon between Mt.Isa Tigers and the Lake Nash Young Guns.The Young Guns lost the GF replay by 2 points.They did a great job on the day.It was great to catch up with the guys from Mt.Isa AFL on the day...I left Mt.Isa and headed for the short trip to Cloncurry some 126 kilometers away.....
July 20 I left Mt.Isa for the 120 kilometer trip to Cloncurry.Totally uneventful trip and arrived at the Oasis Caravan Park at around lunch time.I had a drive thru spot and heaps of water and also walking room for the dogs.Did some sightseeing around Cloncurry and not much had changed since  the last trip.I wasnt real impressed with the Discovery Park back then and even less impressed this time round.At least the Oasis was clean and was friendly and NOT as many miners.I enjoyed it this time and wouldnt object to staying there again. Here are some pics of stop Winton..............
Arrived at Winton after 3 hours on the road and sweaty and rough road.Geeze I was glad to get there.Were met by Jason & Belinda,a top family.They
gave us the prime spot in the park for the weekend,right next door to the camp  kitchen.There were camel races in town,BUT hell it was hot so I
gave it a miss.The Waltzing Matilda information centre was still closed after the BIG fire,but still heaps to see around town.I opened the station,Peakhillfm89.5 whilst I was there and did a show from under the awning...even got Jason with the headphones on his head.Stayed there for the weekend before heading to Barcaldine..........
On arriving in Barcaldine,we were shown to our site by Mellisa ....all grass at Barcaldine and the park was EXCELLENT.Went
for a drive around Barcaldine,saw the Tree of knowledge which is where the ALP was formed.This happened in 1891 when
the shearers & pastoralists were involved in an industrial battle that was to profoundly effect Australias future.There is a
big extraction telling us all about the tree and how it all happened.Worthwhile reading. The tree was poisoned and never
recovered so now it is in a BIG enclosure outside the information centre.There is also many places to
do with the Australian Labor Party.The Australian Workers Heritage Centre which costs one a fortune to get into BUT is
worth it in the long run.There are many historical buildings as well.Next stop is Blackall.................
I arrived in Blackall after a short run of 120 kilometers from Barcaldine. I booked into the Blackall caravan park and settled in for a few nights.
There are many old buildings in the town,as well as the Black Stump.The town runs on Artesian water so as it comes from the ground it is
always hot.
Lots of places to see.The only problem with the town is that it closes on Sunday and BP fuels is still in town and I feel that it will be the last
one to see as PUMA Fuels is taking over.
I actually enjoyed the town.We had a problem with Penny(our Maremma) when she mistook a Sheltie (minature sheep dog) for a fox and
virtually took the dog out.Not my fault BUT the owner and myself sorted out the problem and all was good.Check out the good pictures
that I have installed
My next stop is Charleville............... We arrived in Charleville after watching the temperature drop from 26 down to 17 degrees.I booked into
the Bailey Bar Park and we stayed their for two nights.Very cold at night BUT very pleasant during theday.Went and checked out the RFDS
display and got some pics of the old radio's that they used.Also checked out the airport and the Cosmic Display at the Information Centre.I
spent heaps of money at the IGA and basically topped up to get me home.Also dropped into 4RRFM,but nothing came of that visit.When in
Charleville tune into 4RRFM they play some good music.The three pics here are of the caravan park at Charleville,plus the Bureau of
Meteorology and also the radio equipment at the Royal Flying Doctor Service.Best place for fuel is the Independent in town on Warrigo Hwy
& Willis Street.I left Charleville with the temp at 7 degrees C at 9:00am heading to Cunnamulla........
We arrived safely in Cunnamulla,BUT hell the winds were terrible.I was still in shorts,BUT had a jacket on,as did many people in town.We stayed at
the Cunnamulla Caravan Park for a couple of nights.Very nice little park and there was no dramas there at all.There is the Cunnamulla Fella bronze
statue along with a few minor things to see.The old railway station station was an eye opener and right across the road was a Mobil bulk
terminal,so I filled up there.I checked out the other sights and then got ready for Bourke..........
August 7 after a good but short drive to Bourke and getting lost on the way in,I found the Mitchell Caravan Park and we were given a choice of
where to back in and where to stay,so on doing this,I settled in for the few days.Down the road was 2CUZ FM the Indigenous radio station.
Up the road was 2WEB and there was also a historical wharf,and blimey you should have seen the 'black' cockatoos that were there.They 
were absolutely beautiful.I stayed in Bourke for 4 nights before setting off for Nyngan........................
I left the town of Bourke...beautiful day and very warm and sunshine all the way.By gee whaqt a
difference at Nyngan.The tyemperature went backwards.I have been in shorts since I lefthome.
I was still in shorts,BUT the temperature in three weeks had gone from 33 degrees C to 14 degrees C.
Anyway I left Nyngan after a very quiet and peaceful night in Nyngan.
I arrived back home with thew two doga at about 1:00pm on August 14 and it was 12 degrees.
On behalf of Penny,my Maremma,Ruff the Jack Russell and myse4lf,we do hope that you enjoyed
the trip with us and watch out for the next one
In March 2016 or thereabouts we take off again heading south towards Victoria,then across to South Aussie,
Western Australia and up thru the guts from Margaret River area to Mount Magnet,Meekatharra,Newman,
Tom Price,then to Port Hedland and onwards towards Darwin and we can keep you all in the loops.Watch
this space
We have joined the Australian Caravan Club and these guys are available at and they will look after you for all your caravan needs.
We have become members of Landbase,who is an organization who can assist you with your mail whilst you
are traveling around
Go and check their web site at