Peakhillfm 89:5 MHz
               Peak Hill NSW 2869
From the TRADITIONAL Lands of the
WIRADJURI People........................
Comes Peakhillfm 89.5
Your Voice in the Central West

Peakhillfm 89:5 is now proudly hosted by   quality

AUSTRALIAN hosting.For more information contact
Our streaming is now supplied and supported by We
thank Gavin  and his gang for all the support.
The Peakhillfm89.5 studio have been donated to us compliments of Alkane Recources,  Thanks heaps to Michael,Glenn and Ian who made make
this possible.
Our entrance mat,which has a picture in the studio pics etc,was kindly donated
to us by a Sth company named Image Mats Thanks to Mandy,Steph,Rob & Steve
for their fantastic front door mat.You can find them at
Thanks to Warwick owner of Fordray Electronics for our


We also have to thank Ian Munroe from WESTERN RADIO in Dubbo,because
without his help and assistance we wouldnt have the license.One can contact Ian
To see pics of the studio that we are now located in,there are heaps of them
at the 'new studio set up'we have updated and there will be new ones coming
The major sponsors/supporters  to Peakhillfm 89:5 are as follows:
as per the front page

.Other cabling was supplied by  out of Canberra.
All of our studio promos were done for us by Enda Caldwell and you
can catch him at Caldwell 

To organize for your next pet contact and Andrea
We are also associated with an organization called Campertrailers
and you can see some of their antics at
 and check out their founders web site at    Rob & Carol will be only to glad to
assist you with all you want to know about campertrailers.



More supporters and sponsors will be put on the site as they come to hand,
so if you want to be part of our success then come on board.


        Peak Hill Roosters Rugby League Club


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David Tavener at will look after

all you ham radio antennas.He is the sponsor for the official Amatuer Radio Page

We also would like to introduce Ric Goldstein from Pro Audio & Commercial Sound.Ric can be contacted 

at is there for ALL you radio gear.His web site is

the logo is 


Peakhillfm 89.5 located in Peak Hill NSW 2869 has become associated Amatuer radio in general in the

Central West of NSW

I being VK2FPHR have also joined the WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) and get hold of many interesting
The Orange District Amateur Radio Club,at the website just type into
your address section ODARC and it will appear for you.Best repeater to use is the Grenfell repeater or Orange
repeater the Grenfell at 147:100 (+600MHz) or Orange at 146:700 (-600MHz)
There will be photos and also stories available for you to see.
The first link in the chain is to get your Foundation License which gives you the scope to talk to people all over
the country and the world,then there is the Limited license and then the Advanced or full call.
Its a wonderful hobby and I am sure that there will be many G,K,W,9M,VK,ZL and others that would likew to
get involved with us.YOU are all welcome.
We welcome to Peakhillfm and this page the Central Radio Amateur Circle,which originates in UK and can be
contacted vie Echolink...the web page for further information is check out the
site and get involved.
Peakhillfm and myself have got involved with a new group on the Amateur Radio waves.In Peak Hill we also
have Dave VK2CDH who you will catch on 2 meters quite often,mainly around 147:100 (+600MHz)
Catch you around the log somewhere.
73's & 88's
Peter W Herman VK2FPHR
Peakhillfm 89:5
New South Wales
Whilst I am travelling in this BIG vast country of Australia I have brought a HF Tranceiver for the car and I
have also joined a 4WD group called VKS-737 .My call sign with this group is now
VKS-737 mobile 1176.There is a logo to follow and I can assure you that this group is TOTALLY professional
............................................WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE INFORMATION..................................
VKS-737 Radio Network The VKS Radio Network is a Public
Benevolent Institution established in 1993 to provide emergency and general radio communications assistance
servicetopeople who work,live or travelin remote or rural areas of Australia
This group look AFTER those that are in 4WD and also travellers
like myself.If you going to travel it is worth while investing in the $3300:00 odd dollars for peace of mind.I
suggest that you check this organization out if you wish to travel this BIG country of ours
The WIA celebrates its Centenary this year and to celebrate there is a roster for all Amatuer radio Operators
to follow
to enable them to operate and cooperate with different Clubs around Australia.I am unable to download the
roster,BUT by allmeans check out the WIA website at  follow the prompts and you are then
able to get more information.Whilst you are at the site find out how easy it is to become a Amateur radio
operator and join the world of Amateur Radio
Peakhillfm 89:5 and myself are involved with WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network) which
is an Amatuer Radio Emergency service which assists and helps all those who require communications in time
of emergency.check out WICEN at and see what its all about.We are proud to be
Peakhillfm 89:5 is associated
with WICEN and we assist when and where we can Check out the WICEN site at
and you can see what happens and what goes on.