Peakhillfm 89:5 MHz
               Peak Hill NSW 2869
From the TRADITIONAL Lands of the
WIRADJURI People........................
Comes Peakhillfm 89.5
Your Voice in the Central West

Peakhillfm 89:5 is now proudly hosted by   quality

AUSTRALIAN hosting.For more information contact
Our streaming is now supplied and supported by We
thank Gavin  and his gang for all the support.
The Peakhillfm89.5 studio have been donated to us compliments of Alkane Recources,  Thanks heaps to Michael,Glenn and Ian who made make
this possible.
Our entrance mat,which has a picture in the studio pics etc,was kindly donated
to us by a Sth company named Image Mats Thanks to Mandy,Steph,Rob & Steve
for their fantastic front door mat.You can find them at
Thanks to Warwick owner of Fordray Electronics for our


We also have to thank Ian Munroe from WESTERN RADIO in Dubbo,because
without his help and assistance we wouldnt have the license.One can contact Ian
To see pics of the studio that we are now located in,there are heaps of them
at the 'new studio set up'we have updated and there will be new ones coming
The major sponsors/supporters  to Peakhillfm 89:5 are as follows:
as per the front page

.Other cabling was supplied by  out of Canberra.
All of our studio promos were done for us by Enda Caldwell and you
can catch him at Caldwell 

To organize for your next pet contact and Andrea
We are also associated with an organization called Campertrailers
and you can see some of their antics at
 and check out their founders web site at    Rob & Carol will be only to glad to
assist you with all you want to know about campertrailers.



More supporters and sponsors will be put on the site as they come to hand,
so if you want to be part of our success then come on board.


        Peak Hill Roosters Rugby League Club


Check the site for news and updates






                                  our new local Peak Hill

                           Business and Tourism Assoc.web site                                 






TO YOU  STAYING WITH US IN 2016..........
Peakhillfm89.5 respects the Wiradjuri People and we also respect
past a present people and elders of the Wiradjuri People,whose
land we have our station/studio on


                          IS/WAS APPRECIATED WHILST IT IS DOWN
     WE wish to thank Service NSW (formerly Government Access Centre)
     for coming  on board with their new new kiosk within the the walls of
     the Peak Hill CT.One can get their license,Seniors Card,pay their
     fines and many other things catered for at the kiosk
    The kiosk at the CTC located at 67 Caswell Street.Peak Hill.Their
    phone number is 137788 OR : 
     It is with great acknowledgement that we announce the fact that:
                Peakhillfm89.5 has been nominated for the:
     NSW/ACT "Regional Achievement & Community Awards Population
     under 15,000 population....Prime Super Community of the Year
     Awards for population under 15,000."
     To the person who nominated Peakhillfm89.5 we thank you.
      The presentation will be held on November 11/2016
       (Rememberance Day)at a place to be advised

ENJOY THE MUSIC.We are broadcasting in STEREO.IF you are like me you
prefer to look for short cuts,so thru the link below is where you can find us to
listen live..........
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and you can listen into Peakhillfm89.5 any time of the day or night.Enjoy
what we have to offer
Peakhillfm89.5 and Cobarfm102.9 are part of the same stable.
One can tune into Cobarfm102.9 anywhere from 50 kilometers
out of Cobar102.9 and also one can tune into Peakhillfm89.5 as usual
Check out the range of music,news and information

This page is presented and sponsored by ALKANE RECOURSES . We
wish to thanks Glenn at Peak Hill,Michael in Dubbo and Ian in Western
Australia for all their assistance and support over the past 8 years and
in the future

Alkane Recourses Ltd, which is OUR biggest supporter  and sponsor,

have now  opened  the mine at Tomingley,which is roughly 18 km

north of Peak Hill.

There will be three mines Wyoming One,Wyoming Three

and Caloma.These three mines over the next 7 1/2 to 10 years should

yeild between 50-60,000 oz per annum.

The current price on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) for gold is 

AUD $1776.42 or US$1332:50 per oz,so I believe that 'Gold' is the best

way to go with your investments in the future.

Here is the link to read all about it 


Peakhillfm89:5  Peak Hill is broadcasting from our 
premises at  1 Fraser Avenue Peak Hill,at a power output of 130
watts and we can be heard thru out Peak Hill and surrounding
areas,with a good antenna.We broadcast 24/7 on a frequency
of 89:5fm which is the bottom end of the FM band.
We can also be listened to thru our 'LISTEN LIVE' page 
which is part of this site........
We had our GRAND OPENING/OPEN DAY on January 22/2012,
and there are a few pics on the page for all to see.We had  a couple
of jumping castles and also the Peak Hill Men's  Shed cooking and
also the studio was open for all to see.
Peakhillfm89:5 is a small Volunteer Community/Tourist Radio station located in the small village of Peak Hill,
mid way between Parkes & Dubbo,Central West New South Wales on the east coast Of Australia.Peak Hill has
a population of approximately 1013 in town and within 30 kilometer radius the population would be approx 1285,
which consists of small business,farms and also sheep farms.Many people out here are also farmers of wheat, bali,
canola and other products. 
You can tune find out more about Peak Hill thru www. and click onto communities or even thru other sectors of the web site.
The motto of Peakhillfm89:5 is Your Voice in The Central West. You can also find out about US and also Peak Hill thru the website on the top
of this page This web site gives you a BIG insite towards Peak Hill.
For those NOT familiar with our nice clean little town,we are approx 48-55kilometers north of Parkes and approx 75 kilometers south of Dubbo
located on the Newell Highway.
We welcome aboard as per the top of the page which is run and controlled
by the Peal Hill Business & Tourism Association.They are a very popular and responsible organization
in our town.Besides getting information from us at peakhillfm,drop in and check out their web site

Peakhillfm 89.5 ABN.....24587036228

Studio: 1Fraser Avenue

Office: 48 Euchie Street

Peak Hill  NSW 2869


 Phone number:1300743688 studio number

 after hours number:0414965078 or 0268691496


  Peakhillfm89.5 is a PROUD member of the CBAA (Community Broadcast Association of Australia): which is also associated with CRN (Community Radio Network)
and also AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Airplay Project)
On behalf of Peakhillfm89:5 myself,the committee and the
listeners would like to thank the following organizations for
their long and loyal support and association with us...............
PLATINUM 'PLUS' sponsors  are the following:             


   OUR PLATINUM  SPONSORS are the list below The Clubhouse Hotel,

    located in the middle of Peak Hill,Finn Bell  with Beetlejuice will look

    after your needs and also hotel accommodation.They are open 6 days a week from

     Midday til about 9:00pm......



   We also welcome Ross Larsen & the NEWSREADERS from                           Regional Community Radio.They will be supplying us with all our news and sport until

the end of 2016.


    We welcome with us the Peak Hill Ex-Services & Citizens Club.Open 7 days a week

       from 11:00 til 9:00pm Sun,Mon,Tues,11:00pm til 10:00pm Wed,Thurs,

       11:00 til 12midnight on Fri & Sat.A new restaurant will be on board in 

       February open Tuesday til Sunday Lunch for $9:00 and also in the evening.

       For great service with a smile and also great food with a smile,the 

       Ex-Services is the way to go.Market nights each fortnight from February 13th

       and also music by Ruff Raff & Terry Leonard.You want great food and

        entertainment the the Ex-Services club is the way to go.....Contact the Club

       at 0268691276 or    



       Welcome aboard Milton Holmes from Delta International Sales or otherwise
         known as GREASE MAX.Their web site is:
                                          Check them out


        Kerry Wyburd has joined us and she is a supporter of
        Peakhillfm89.5.Kerry looks after and is the owner/Manager
         of the Peak Hill Boarding Kennels on Gold Club Road.......
          catch up with Kerry at 

       Mandy and the gang at will
       look after ALL you front door and show mats for your
       premises.You can contact them on 1300506599 and
       see what they can do for you...........



        Next time you decide to take off on a trip around Australia
         in either  your RV or your caravan,hey why not take Jan
         and the staff from Landbase with you.
         They will be only to happy to look after ALL your mail
          and get it VERY  safely to your next 'port of call'....check
           out the web site on this page.
  Our local supporters

           Abdul & Rita have the local Friendly Grocer store which is open 7 days of the week.

            Monday to Friday 8:00am til 7:00pm Saturday from 8:00am til 5:00pm and Sunday

            8:00am til 4:00pm.Whatever you need you can purchase from the store .Try and keep

            the dollar in town instead of going outa town...

           We welcome aboard the Peak Hill Pharmacy.....Fazal Tim who owns it,and Marie,Gretta and
           Magady who is the chemist will look after all your beauty and health needs.....check them out
            at their facebook page 


        We have John from join us.
        John can  assist you mobile phone antenna bases and cable
        and many other things.Welcome aboard to John


Our  SILVER supporter .
       We welcome VKS-737  as one of the Peak Hill supporters.They are a
        Public Benevolant Institution which provides emergency services
        to people (holders of a current VKS-737 License authority as
         specified by ACMA) of HF Radio units who live,work and travel
          in remote and rural areas of Australia.
         Their web site is and they are a great
          asset to have with us.....................

        We now include and welcome back Rob & Carol Sanderson from the
          Campertrailers Organization so go visit their site and get involved.
           They have a TOP rated Facebook page as well.Visit them at 
    Great to see you back with us....

          We would like to introduce Andrew from Semalt who is looking after
          us with our web exposure.Check us out at
          and you can also get the same GREAT service
          We have onboard for after midnight programs CroftUK Radio,with
          Graham & Rebecca  and their breakfast antics live to you from
          Scotland.They do a show to us each morning after midnight
          which is a repeat of what was heard at 6-8pm AEDT.Tune into
          the FAST breakfast show Monday to Friday at the following  
           link Its well worth listening to






 Peakhillfm89.5 is now able to accept advertising and also sponsorship,so if you wish

to advertise the cost is AUD$150 per month(in advance) for 45 sec slots

to sponsor our news bulletins,our Community Service Announcement,our

morning calls,or even our Buy Swap & sell segment.
Please email us at:   if you are interested in this.